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Quality of Life

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Update [May. 23rd, 2008|03:06 am]
Quality of Life


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Quality of Life

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Honne (in Japanese)

Talking blues

Equation of time

Heartsease (wild flower)

Sapwood and heartwood

The New World Information and Communication Order

Committee on Social Thought

The Calculus of Consent by James M Buchanan and Gordon Tullock

The Impartial Spectator - Adam Smith's Moral Philosophy, D D Raphael

Autumnwatch (BBC)

I Can See Clearly Now

Chiquitita, ABBA

Games People Play, Joe South

David Astor

Heather Bullock

Joseph Corn

Peter Dahlgren (Lund University, Sweden)

Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Viktor Frankl

Grace Halsell

Marshall Hodgson

Michał Kalecki

Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan


Thomas Malthus

Maggie Lee Sayre

E. F. Schumacher

Anthony Smith

Raymond Williams

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Quality of Life

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Beer Hall Putsch

Munich Agreement



Raglan sleeve



UNESCO Charter on the Preservation of the Digital Heritage

WorldCat at a glance [OCLC - Introduction]

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS)

Max Planck Society

North Carolina Family-Centered Meetings Project

Horatio Alger, Jr.

Richard Arkwright

Gary Becker

Hubert Morse Blalock, Jr.

Donald T. Campbell

Robert Chambers

W. H. Davies

Erik Erikson

John Ermisch

Ruth Finnegan

Johann Galtung

Elizabeth Gaskell

Jonathan Gershuny

Hetty Green

Arlie Hochschild

John Howard

Howard Hughes

John Hunter

Alfred Kazin

Edward O. Laumann

Valentina Leontyeva

Justus von Liebig

Gottfried Liebniz

Joan Littlewood

Katherine A Lynch

Ian Miles

Max Planck

Dorothy Rowe

Neil J. Smelser

Colin Wilson

Mecanisme et Limites de L'Association Humaine by Jacques Novicow (Yakov Aleksandrovich Novikov)

An Atlas of World Affairs by Andrew Boyd

My Cousin Vinny (film)


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Quality of Life

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American crocodile

Puya raimondii


Cuba and Singapore

Green Green Grass of Home (song)

Madeline (1998) film

"My love" Stevie Wonder and Julio Iglesias

Portrait of "Cosette" by Emile Bayard (Les Misérables)

Symphony No. 7


Manifest Destiny


Einstein-Bohr debates (quantum mechanics)

Individualism and Economic Order by F A Hayek

The Theory of Moral Sentiments by Adam Smith

A Day in the Life Series  from Rick Smolan and David Ellen Cohen, 24/7 Media Group

From the World Brain to informatorium - With a little help from Manfred Kochen - by Eugene Garfield

"Reading Television"  by John Fiske and John Hartley

Mortality - WHO health topic, World Health Organization site

Water Sanitation and Health (WSH), World Health Organisation site

Myopia research page at School of Applied Vision Sciences, University of Sydney

Katey Walter, study of methane in permafrost

World War II casualties

Council for a Livable World


Susan B Anthony

Dennis Banks

Elise Boulding

George Washington Carver

Eric Carlton (amazon.com)

Michel de Certeau

[E] Colin Cherry

Margaret Smith Court

Kenneth K S Dadzie

Willie Daly (matchmaker)

Peter Farb

Ferdinand Foch

Larry Gonick

Gopal Krishna Gokhale

William Gudykunst (obituary)

Judith Jamison

Kamilya Jubran

Michio Kaku

Peter Kennedy

Adrian M. McDonough (obituary)

Wayne Morris

Walter Tandy Murch

Abdallah al Nadim

Seyyed Hossein Nasr

David L Norton

Ray Pahl

Clifford A. Pickover

Mridula Sarabhai

Albie Sachs

Arja Saijonmaa

George Santayana

Frederick L Schuman

Alexander Selkrik

Dimitri Shostakovich

Paul Tournier

Frederick Turner

Richard H Veith


Quality of Life at google groups [May. 27th, 2006|06:31 pm]
Quality of Life

Quality of Life at google groups, announcements only right now.

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Quality of Life


Google groups :

k12 . ed . life-skills

alt . society . modern-life


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Quality of Life

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Site and blogs -- Tags also at furl.net, besides del.icio.us [May. 23rd, 2006|05:59 am]
Quality of Life

Site and related blogs -- tags also at furl.net, besides del.icio.us.

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Quality of Life

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Jane Addams

Robert Graves

Elliot Liebow

Nan Enstad

Paul Fussell

Center for Men and Young Men

European Media, Technology and Everyday Life Network (EMTEL)

International Association for People-Environment Studies (IAPS)

Medical Humanities, New York University School of Medicine

Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS)

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Quality of Life

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Caroline Wellberry

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